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"Designs For Better Instruments"

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Aero Instrument designs and manufactures all its products. We are not an importer. We focus on artful design and high quality workmanship. We listen to our customers, and to the best of our ability, advise and educate them. We hope you will purchase and enjoy our products.

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Aero Factory

Aero Factory

The Aero factory, in Hilo, Hawai'i utilizes "green" production methods. Our electricity is generated from PV solar. We source some of our materials on-island. All waste materials, chemicals, broken electronics, etc., are recycled locally in Hilo. Aero is located on a small ranch where we raise cattle, chickens, and grow fruit and some of our food. Aero's central Pacific location is important to our international business model, but also continually reinforces the imperative of maintaining a small carbon footprint.

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