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"Designs For Better Instruments"

Select An Aero Pickup

Selecting An Aero Pickup

Specify a pickup model. Either 1) copy and paste the list (below) into an email and answer each question, or, 2) build a model from the drop down menus and email the final design.

  • Type of Instrument (e.g., Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, etc.)
  • Existing or New Instrument
  • Shape or Model of Pickup (e.g. JB, PB, MM, PJ, Soapbar, etc)
  • Cover Dimension (L x W)
  • Single or Dual Coil
  • Number of Strings
  • String Spacing - center of string to center of adjacent string over the centerline of each pickup, and not at the bridge saddles
  • Magnet Shape and Configuration
  • Exposed or Unexposed Pole Pieces
  • Type of Pole Piece
  • Desired Cover or Overlay Material (black or white plastic, wood)
  • If Dual Coil, which Winding Option
  1. Type of Instrument
  2. Existing or New Instrument
  3. Shape or Model