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"Designs For Better Instruments"

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Custom Pickups

Chapman Stick Pickup

AERO Instrument specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of pickups. Since 1994 we've manufactured 100's of different models for a wide variety of instruments. Custom shapes, outputs, materials, and engineering services are quoted upon request.

Pickup Rewind

Pickup Table 04

A Multi-Step Process...

  1. Test magnet and bobbin integrety
  2. Remove old magnet wire & fix bobbin issues.
  3. Prepare bobbin - clean, remove rust, etc.
  4. Remagetize - if necessary.
  5. Rewind bobbin to manufacturer or customer spec.
  6. Finish or contain (cover, tape, pot) magnet wire.

Pickup Restoration

Fender Pro 8 Before
Fender Pro 8 - Before
Fender Pro 8 After
Fender Pro 8 - After

Restoration faithfully returns a pickup to its "original" condition. These images of a Pro 8 lapsteel bobbin show, how it arrived at Aero, and then how it looked after a complete restoration.

Pickup Repairs

Ovation Bass

Minor repair can be as simple as lead dressing or replacement, re-potting, re-attaching broken magnet wire, cleaning, or refinishing. Major repairs include addressing bobbin delamination or warping, and bobbin or magnet or component replacement.

Service Disclaimer

Pickup Table 04

99.99% of Aero repairs, restorations, and rewinds survive the process. There are, however, a few that just come apart, and like Humpty-Dumpty, "all the kings horses and all the kings men" won't help. Additionally, shipping is imperfect, packages get misplaced and some are lost forever. Mishandled items, whether damaged by the shipper, or packed improperly by the customer, can be beyond repair.

We will do our best, but please consider all the risks!